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  • Ozone was first discovered in 1840.
  • In 1880, Dr. Kellogg was the first to combine ozone with steam sauna.
  • In 1896 Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone generator.
  • The first Institute for Oxygen Therapy Healing was started in Berlin in 1898.
  • In 1994 ozone became recognized in Canada as a powerful modality for healing.
  • Over 130 years, ozone therapy is recognized across the world.

Ozone combined with steam sauna's are one of the most powerful and effective methods of delivering ozone. As the pores open due to heat, all the tissues are penetrated with ozone and purified: the lymphatic system, the blood, and the skin. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, toxins are pulled right out of the body through the skin.


Benefits of Ozone Sauna Therapy:

  • Safe and powerful medical therapy.
  • Dramatically increases oxygenation of the tissues and cells.
  • Oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through the skin, lungs, kidneys and colon.
  • Fat stores toxins. As toxins are pulled from the fat cells, the fat begins to shrink as there is no longer a need to keep the fat, often resulting in weight loss.
  • Burn approximately 300-500 calories per session.
  • Speeds up the metabolic processes of the inner organs and endocrine glands.
  • Stimulates vasodilation, boosting circulation in peripheral blood vessels, relieving pain and speeding healing.
  • Eliminates viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Increases nutrient delivery within the body.
  • And so much more! See our list of 100 benefits (below).

Athletic Performance:

  • Increases tissue oxygenation.
  • Increased production of ATP, resulting in more energy and faster recovery.
  • Delays the onset of anaerobic fermentation of sugar in the cells.
  • Oxidizes lactic acid, helping prevent sore muscles.
  • Reduces swelling, bruising and pain from injuries and dramatically speeds healing.
  • Increases hormone production to optimum levels, eliminating the need for artificial steroids.

100 Benefits of Ozone Therapy

1. Improved circulation
2. Cell energizer
3. Vitality booster
4. Immune enhancer
5. Skin purifier
6. Oxygenates hemoglobin
7. Neutralizes lactic acid
8. Liver cleanser
9. Kills parasites
10. Combats chronic fatigue syndrome
11. Corrects dizziness
12. Blood purifier
13. Relieves muscle aches
14. Builds muscle
15. Combats depression
16. Neutralizes stomach acid
17. Reduces physical weakness
18. Improves memory
19. Enhances immune system
20. Fights bronchial problems
21. Prevents tumors
22. Decomposes plague
23. Increases cellular vitality
24. Boosts energy
25. Fights flu
26. Releases tension
27. Burns fat
28. Protects against stroke
29. Kills viruses
30. Increases white blood cell count.
31. Speeds healing
32. Improves digestion
33. Clears out brain fog
34. Cleans mucus
35. Kills candida
36. Improves heart function
37. Fights infection
38. Breaks down arterial plaque
39. Kills bacteria
40. Helps relieve angina
41. Heightens alertness
42. Kills the cold virus
43. Kills cancer cells
44. Supports Tinnitus therapy
45. Calms nerves
46. Speeds recovery
47. Oxidizes poisons
48. Breaks up cholesterol
49. Eliminates lactic acid
50. Speeds athletic recovery
51. Improves mental alertness
52. Strengthens immune system
53. Improves vitamin uptake
54. Increases elasticity of red-blood cells
55. Improves mineral absorption
56. Destroys harmful microorganisms
57. Oxidizes morbific material
58. Balances acid/alkaline
59. Decreases stress
60. Improves amino acid utilization
61. Improves brain function
62. Oxygenates pancreas
63. Kills bad colon bacteria
64. Burns carbohydrates
65. Help supplements to work better
66. Burns off excess sugar
67. Enhances mood
68. Purifies liver
69. Oxygenates spleen
70. Improves mental stability
71. Speeds up metabolism
72. Clears up sinus infections
73. Detoxifies the lymph system
74. Is a strong germicide
75. Improves skin quality and elasticity
76. Suupports a regular heartbeat
77. Kills gangrene
78. Reduces peripheral vascular disease
79. Fights herpes
80. Did we mention kills parasites
81. Fights emphysema
82. Reduces angina pain
83. Relieves shingle pain
84. Kills fever blister
85. Alleviates asthma symptoms
86. Kills lymes bacteria
87. Stimulates rebuilding of tissue
88. Fights fibromyalgia
89. Alleviates Epstein-Barr
90. Reduces cluster headaches
91. Kills foot fungus
92. Excretes heavy metals
93. Alleviates allergies
94. Neutralizes environmental toxicity
95. Reduces Alzheimer’s symptoms
96. Reduces Parkinson's symptoms  
97. Improves sleep quality
98. Reduces IBS symptoms
99. Detoxifies every cell in the body
100. Increases phagocytes


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