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Lisa, owner of Pure O3

For over 25 years, Lisa’s life has revolved around health and fitness. She is certified in nutrition and sport nutrition with The BodyMind Institute, and is a certified HormoneCure® Coach. Lisa has also worked with one of the world’s most renowned educators on health and longevity protocol, David "Avocado" Wolfe.

In addition to providing 1-on-1 nutrition consultation, Lisa is a group educator and has taught at numerous venues around The City of Calgary on the benefits of whole foods, longevity protocols, gut health, sport nutrition, superfoods and men’s health, to name a few.

Lisa is passionate about health, and offers customized programs to anyone who is ready for a total shift in their wellness. 

Lisa is a competitive power lifter

When Lisa isn’t working with clients, or digging deep into health and wellness research, she is training at the gym. Having been involved in many fitness areas, her current love is competitive powerlifting. Lisa currently holds 3 World Records, 10 Canadian records, and 10 provincial records in powerlifting.

Lisa has been walking the talk for decades and brings a wealth of knowledge for how to live an extraordinary life.



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